Liebster Award

I had no idea this thing existed until I was nominated by The Butterfly Girl. When I started blogging my only goal was to share my thoughts in a public space and I have been able to do that but a bonus came along with this. The bonus is discovering the community of bloggers who have the exact same goal as I do. All of us wanted a platform to share our thoughts, our fears, our failures and our brilliant ideas, a community has sprouted out of this desire and I think it is truly amazing.

Enough lovey dovey stuff, now let’s get down to the award and the rules:

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions they asked you
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers
  • Ask them your 11 questions
  • Let them know you nominated them

When I first learned that I was nominated I was ecstatic to answer these questions and even more excited to ask my own questions and see the answers. Here are the questions I was asked and my answers:

What movie title would describe your blog the most and why?

Hector and the Search for Happiness. This movie is amazing and it describes my life in many ways. Happiness is the ultimate goal and this blog is being used to document my journey towards achieving this goal.

Would you rather travel to the past or the future?

The future because I already know what happened in the past, that’s so boring. I want adventure and new experiences, those can only be found in the future.

What skill would you like to master?

Money management. I see many people around me who remain in horrible conditions simply because they do not know how to manage their money properly. I want to master this skill because I see what non mastery has done to others.

If you would have a chance to spend 5 hours tomorrow with ANYONE in the world (alive) who would it be and what would you be doing in these 5 hours?  

I would love to spend five hours with Tim Ferriss. The man is a walking experiment and I’d be trying some of his many experiments with his guidance.

What is your dream job? 

I have no clue but I hope it involves me being my own boss.

What is your favourite quote?

Honour those who seek the truth beware those who have already found it. -Amanda Fucking Palmer

What was your last travel destination? describe it in a few words.

Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica. Lots of steps, beautiful and very busy.

In 5 bullet points bullet your day.

  • Meditate
  • Read
  • Listen music
  • Exercise
  • Write

3 best things you did / that happened to you in 2017… go!

Resigned from a job I hated

Dropped out of college

Ended a relationship

Any social media?


Name 3 things that are in your “2018 Bucket list”! 

Sky Diving

Learn to swim

Become more independent

Now it’s time for my questions:

  1. What’s the most valuable lesson a parent taught you?
  2. If money wasn’t an issue what would you do in life?
  3. How do you want to be remembered after you die , why is that important to you?
  4. What injustice would you change in the world?
  5. One thing you think about often, almost daily?
  6. If today were your last day on earth what regrets would you have?
  7. How did you feel when you had a big failure in your life?
  8. What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen and why was it beautiful to you?
  9. What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?
  10. What is happiness to you?
  11. Three things,people or experiences you are grateful for?


The nominating part of this award was the hardest part for me. I wanted to find bloggers whose work I admired and felt some sort of connection to so here goes:

Life of an Introvert-

The Proud Introvert-

In company of ‘A’-


An Agnostic Menopausal Widow-



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