In The Stars

For many years of my life I’ve always found solace in the stars. When I was younger the only purpose they served to me was beauty. I’m not exactly sure why I thought of the stars as beautiful at a young age, maybe it was the fact that they were seemingly of another world. There was something enchanting and exotic about them in my little mind. Stars are a work of art, the dark sky is the blank canvas and the stars are the painting that reveals a deeper story. A story that is different for each and every person who marvels at its beauty. It was this beauty that made me want to become an astronomer when I was a child. I wanted to learn more about the masterpiece of the sky but it wasn’t meant to be as I soon moved on from that career path.

As I got older they were promoted to a more prominent role, serving greater purpose. I see many things in the stars, no I’m not a fortune teller but the stars do speak to me in spectacular voices saying great things. They speak of calm most times, a calm like no other I’ve ever experienced or may ever experience. The busy highway of thoughts begins to move at a slower pace and I’m able to enjoy being in that particular moment. I look up and see them in all their glory and it brings peace to my body, my mind and my soul. I experience a feeling of relief where the worries of life melt away. At that point in time I no longer fixate on the conversation I had weeks ago with someone, there are no thoughts of what I plan to do with my life or the lack of plans and the self-inflicted punishment for the many mistakes I’ve made in my life stops.

I also see happiness in the stars, past, present and future. I feel the joy I felt when I was a little boy running around in the yard playing whatever game my imagination struck up for that day. I remember the good times spent in a relationship I should have cherished with a girl that had full control of my smile and could will it into action at any time. My gratitude for all the blessings in my life comes to the forefront. I see the laughter of the two children I hope to have some day and the beauty of my wife who I will work tirelessly to give her a wonderful life. My happiness lies in family. I never see death in the stars, I realized that today. No thoughts of the thing that plagues my mind so often. Not one. All I see is hope. Why? Because for me the stars are magic, they transform me in every way. My thoughts are brighter, I escape my mind to admire the beauty and most importantly I am calm.