Just Another Guy Who Hates His Office Job (part1)

I don’t give a fuck about anything that happens in this office. It’s not because the work is too hard or some of the people are made for the role of torturers in Dante’s Inferno. It’s because I find it all meaningless. There is no purpose I can see for the different tasks I perform on a daily basis. It’s not just my role that I see as useless though. What are we doing with eight hours of our lives five days of the week? Running to meetings and treating cellphone conversations with more importance than face to face ones, what’s the point of it all. Not one of us does anything tangible unless someone has somehow found a way to touch the wasted time spent staring at my computer screen. The work I do doesn’t teach me anything nor does it challenge my problem solving capabilities, what it mainly does is annoy the shit out of me. Problems that could easily be avoided or solved by sixth grade children, grunt work that somehow seems like rocket science to people who spent millions of dollars on college education. You’re seriously telling me that you spent all those years in college and a binding machine looks like a time machine to you? Personally I’d ask for my money back but that’s just me. Missing document on a file and people have meltdowns as if they just got news that their husband was caught fucking a dog while being fucked by another dog and it’s now a viral video. Does a missing document really warrant all that exaggeration or is it just a show for the boss? I’m not made for office work, not because I feel entitled to promotions and raises but simply because I will never see the importance of any work that is done in said office. I’ll admit it, I fucked up. I asked for it and now I’m suffering because I didn’t know myself well enough to see that working in an office would never be my cup of tea. While I’m here though I’ll just publicly write about my torture as a reminder for the future. This will hopefully ensure that I never ever EVER subject myself to this type of work again. EVER!!!