The Right Time is ALWAYS NOW!

The right time is an excuse we’ve all used at one point or another in our lives. We wait for the right time to start our business, the right time to quit that job we hate, the right time to tell that crush we’ve been fawning over them for months but it sometimes never comes. Why are we so convinced that waiting for the ideal situation to present itself is the best way to get what we desire in our lives? My theory is it’s not as scary as doing it now, shipping the task off to the unknown future is far more convenient for our peace of mind. What emotional wrecks we’d be if we had to do all the things we put off for the right time now? I know I would be. Just the other day I saw the cutest girl I’ve ever seen in my life and in true introverted fashion I didn’t say a single word to her. What if I had to talk to her at that specific moment? It would be a disaster. Instead I said to myself “I’ll wait until we leave the building,” I knew it was unlikely that I’d see her outside ( I didn’t) but I some how managed to convince myself that it was my best strategy. Waiting for the right time has done nothing but cause me and us to miss numerous opportunities that could have provided great value.

I wonder what my life would be like if I never waited for the right time, if I executed my ideas and thoughts as they came to me. I would probably have tons of practice talking to girls and hopefully become half decent at it. I would have attended more social gatherings. Spoken up for myself in conflicts.  My life could have been completely different if I never told myself wait until the right time comes. I’m no expert at executing my thoughts as they come to me but I have realized the importance of it. Nobody is going to give me what I want, I have to either work for it or find a way to get it. If I don’t make it happen  I have absolutely no right to complain when it doesn’t. I have no one to blame but me. The right time is ALWAYS NOW, it’s time for a change. Granted it’s easier said than done. I’m not saying tomorrow I’ll be a mean, lean executing machine but what I can promise is that I’ll work at it. It’s going to take time and practice. Hopefully as I go along and you if chose to make this change with me we’ll start seeing some massive changes and benefits. Good Luck. Wish me luck too.

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